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Hey Keebee Family, Let's Talk Organic Cotton for Kids!

Welcome to the Keebee's Sustainable Corner! Today, we're digging deep into something super close to our hearts: organic cotton. Why does it matter for our mini-me's? Why should we care? Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty!

🌿 The Organic vs. Conventional Cotton Face-Off 🌿

Picture this: Conventional cotton, with its diva-level demands for water and pesticides, is the party crasher no one invited. Seriously, it uses a whopping 16% of the world’s insecticides! And don't even get us started on water. A single tee can use up to 2,700 liters. Thirsty much?

Organic cotton, our star player, walks in like a breath of fresh air! No drama, no pesticides, just pure, clean, planet-friendly vibes. It sips on rainwater and uses natural ways to keep those pesky pests at bay. So when you dress your munchkin in Keebee, you're basically giving Mother Earth a big hug. 🌏

🌱 Dress Your Kiddo Clean & Green 🌱

Hey, we get it, parenting is a full-time job! Last thing we need is to worry about the toxins in our kid’s clothes. But guess what? With Keebee's organic cotton range, no more fretting! Our garments are the epitome of 'no nasties' - just cuddly, cozy comfort.

By choosing organic cotton, you're also pumping life into eco-friendly farming. We’re talking about a soil-to-shirt kind of love, where Mother Earth and your kiddo both win. 🌍❤️

👩‍🌾 Be a Hero, Choose Fair Trade 👩‍🌾

Time to talk ethics, Keebee fam! Organic cotton is not just about Earth love; it’s about people love too. Fair wages? Check. Safe working conditions? Double-check.

When you're making organic cotton your go-to for kiddo fashion, you’re supporting a cycle of goodness that runs from the farm to your home. In other words, you're basically a hero in comfy, organic cotton clothing. 🦸‍♀️

🌼 Happy Kids, Happy Planet 🌼

When your little one rocks a Keebee outfit, it’s not just a fashion statement—it’s a wellness choice. Imagine the softest, breathable fabric ever, minus any harmful stuff. That's Keebee for you. Plus, our colors and finishes are as eco-fabulous as the cotton itself!

💡 Pro-Tips for Picking Perfect Kidswear 💡

Shopping organic is great, but how do you know it's *actually* organic? Look for trusty certifications like GOTS. Oh, and stick with brands who can share the certifications if you ask for. Check for softness, durability, and of course, cuteness overload!

Final Words - Wrap it up, Keebee Style!

So why organic cotton? It’s simple, really. For the planet, for the farmers, for your wallet, and most importantly, for your little one's adorable self. So go ahead, let's make our mini-me's part of something bigger. Dress them in Keebee and let’s create a better world, one tiny garment at a time! 🌈🌿

Stay Green, Stay Awesome!

Till next time,
Team Keebee 🌿

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Below are the flat lay measurements of the finished garment.

All the measurements are in Inches.

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9.5 11


10 14


11 17


 Boys Kurtas Size Chart:

0-3M 14 10 8.5 8.5
3-6M 15.5 10.5 9 10
6-12M 16.5 11 9.5 11
1-2Y 18 12 10 12
2-3Y 20 13 10.5 12.5
3-4Y 22 13.5 10.75 13.5
4-5Y 24 14 11 14.5
5-6Y 26 15 12 15


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